About Bill Lehman

Pastor Bill Lehman J. W. “Bill” Lehman is our featured speaker and author. Following service as an American pilot in World War II, Bill returned to his native South Dakota to discover his bride, Rose, had become a Christian in his absence. Intent on proving Rose’s new found religion a farce, he soon studied himself into her church, enrolling in college to study for the ministry.

Bill has served as a missionary in Rwanda, Africa and pastored in several areas of North America. He also served as a revivalist and a “pastor’s pastor” in Canada. Even after his retirement in 1985, Bill continued in the ministry, speaking and counseling, until his death in July, 2001.

During his active years before retirement, he ministered throughout the United States and Canada, and as a missionary in Africa. God has blessed Bill Lehman with the gift of teaching.  He is able to make the truths of the Bible plain and relevant to the challenges we face today.  Bill Lehman’s deepest burden is to present the matchless love of the Father, and His ample provision to supply our deepest soul need through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. “Present Truth” (Bible truth needed for today) is the by-word, and “Christ” is the Center of each study.

Pastor Lehman ministered at several Seventh-day Adventist churches, was a missionary in Africa, and served several years as the Canadian Conference Revivalist. Bill passed to his rest in July 2001, but he leaves a legacy in the many sermons that have been preserved on tape, which have now been digitized. These sermons cover topics that are of crucial importance to those living in the last  days.

The sermons and books on this web site were inspired by Bill’s love for Jesus and his prayerful study of the Scriptures. Bill had a real heart love for people, and he longed to see them respond to pleadings of our Heavenly Father: “My son, give me thine heart …” Proverbs 23:26.

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